International Course in Sexual Grounding Therapy in France

What is Sexual Grounding Therapy ?

Sexual Grounding Therapy is an effective form of psychological self-development rooted in experiential body-psychotherapy in a group format. It was developed in the early 1990s by Willem Poppeliers, a Dutch clinical psychologist and body- psychotherapist, and the principal trainer. Sexual  Grounding Therapy  is  based  on Poppeliers'  pragmatic  theory,  and  is  an innovative  approach  to  systemic,  body-oriented depth psychology and sexual therapy. It offers a missing piece to many psychotherapeutic methods, since it deals in a clear, direct and pure way with all the delicate issues around sexuality and relationships.


Sexual Grounding Therapy follows Freud in considering the primal life force to be sexual, but goes beyond his original pioneering work by charting precisely how sexual energy unfolds during a person's lifetime. In particular, it provides a framework for realising how being born into the world of one's parents relationship (known in Sexual Grounding Therapy as 'The Triangle') and cultural context can impede the natural flow of this energy. Sexual Grounding Therapy offers a way to regain healthy sexual functioning, based on a model of psychosexual development and maturation, spanning an individual's life, from birth to death.

Content of the course

Sexual Grounding Therapy has pioneered ways for developing participants sexual mirroring into participants, so that they have a new experience of their sexual innocence and full support from parents, as models for male and female identity and everyday relationship. This could be seen as process to sexual reducation, like re-learning the facts of life.


For Sexual Grounding, one of the chief tasks in life is learning to balance our masculine and feminine elements, which are inherited through being born out of the union between a father and mother: our sources of life, gender, and sexuality. Sexual Grounding Therapy helps participants to achieve freedom from inappropriate projections and life-scripts, to regulate and harmonize an inner and outer flow of sexual energy, to place sexuality within the context of relationship, and to feel supported by their parents and ancestors.


In this way, we can develop a sexual life that is realistic and concerned with passing on what has been learned. We can then begin to own, our true human birthright - being rooted in our bodies, supported in our minds, and linked in a line of human care - supported in our sexual ground. This state could be said to resemble Carl Jung's concept of the "Inner Marriage", but in Sexual Grounding Therapy the results are to be experienced much more tangibly, in the body and in one's relationships.


During the course, participants re-experience the natural progression of development-from girlhood to becoming a woman, from boyhood to becoming a man. In dynamic exercises they experience the importance of receiving supportive sexual mirroring backed by theoretical explanation from the staff team. Participants are said to acquire a «cellular» knowledge, through body experience rather than simply a theoretical understanding.

The 'level 1' consists of four modules of self-development spread over 18 – 24 months in order to allow participants time to integrate the learnings of Willem Poppelier's revolutionary bodywork approach to sexuality.

To support integration of the material, participants are encouraged to attend support process groups in between course modules. Participants may choose to engage any of the registered Sexual Grounding Therapists to offer these groups, which usually span two days.

The group leaders


Helena Duffell

Born in Denmark in 1958, Helena has been in private practice in London as a psychotherapist since 1989. She was faculty member at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London for six years before becoming a free-lance trainer and supervisor in 1996. She is the co-founder of The Centre For Genderpsychology and Creative CoupleWork, offering workshops and post-graduate trainings in the UK and Europe, and co-authored the acclaimed Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy, (HarperCollins Thorsons, 2002). She is a qualified Sexual Grounding Therapists and Trainer since 2000. Helena lives with her husband Nick Duffell close to nature deep in southwest France.


Notburga Fischer

Born in 1961.  Has been running her own practice for Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy and Sexual Therapy since 1989. Educated and trained in methods of Humanistic Psychology (IBP and others) and Spiritual Therapy. IBP  teaching coach and supervisor, Sexual Grounding® therapist and trainer. Together with her husband Robert Fischer they have 2 daughters and teach a postgraduate education program in sexual therapy & sexual counseling.


Valquiria Martani Sarti

I was born in Brazil, 1950. I have a son of 30 years old. My partner is a woman for the last 25 years. I lived in México for 28 years where I had part of my education as a Body Psychotherapist.  In México I worked on a Private Consultation and as Body Psychotherapy Trainer. In the last 15 years I worked as SGT Assistant and Co-Trainer beside W. Poppeliers.
For the last 5 years I live in the south of France and have my Private Consultation and Training Program on Characterology in the Spanish Pays Basque.

Willem Poppeliers

He is a developmental psychologist and born in the Netherlands in 1944.During 27 years he is working as a therapist, develops an extensive background in Bioenergetic Analyses, Neo-Reichian Therapy, transference and counter-transference.

During his professional education he notices that sexuality was a subject that was treated mostly very superficially so he developed Sexual Grounding Therapy® in which sexuality gets a place of normality. In 1999 Willem Poppeliers has formed the Foundation for Sexual Grounding Therapy® in the Netherlands . Over the years Willem Poppeliers leads seminars throughout Europe, the USA and Mexico . He is recognized internationally as an innovative theorist and body psychotherapist.

At this moment he contacts scientific institutes in Mexico , the U.S.A. and The Netherlands for getting research on the project of Sexual Grounding Therapy® in relation to the prevention of HIV and aids.

Practical informations


Level 1:

(4 modules of 6 days) + 4 subgroups  (one between each bloc)

Level 2:

(4 modules of 6 days) + 4 subgroups  (one between each bloc)


Subgroup means support work shared in small groups by SGT Therapists between the modules.

Registration procedures


Please apply by e-mail to saying why you are interested in this course and what your experience in the field is. You will then be asked to fill in an application questionnaire and, due to the depth that this training requires the students to go, you may be asked to do our pre-requisite course or come to an interview, before acceptance to the full training.  On acceptance you will be asked to make a deposit of €400 to confirm your place, and the balance will be due by the first day of the course.




The full training costs €3600 (€900 per module) - Full board accommodation not included. Additional costs are inter-module support subgroups (€165)

Early bird rate 3400 (€850 per module)until June, 30th 2017


All courses lead in English with French translation

Dates of  next level 1  2017/2018

Dates Place
September, 16th to 22th 2017 Espace Rivoire (Jura- Fce)
January, 20th to 26th 2018 Espace Rivoire (Jura- Fce)
April, 28th to may 4th 2018 Eden Roc - Espagne
September,15th to 21th 2018 Eden Roc - Espagne

Introduction Workshops

Dates Lieu  Animateurs

June, 9 to 11th 2017

Paris Véronique Vachet

The Introduction workshop will offer a short overview about the main concepts and tools of Sexual Grounding Therapy®. We will work with the sexual development of the child in theory and practice and give insight in the developmental stages of grown up sexuality.


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Sexual Grounding Therapy® not only gives us a deep understanding of ourselves within our parental triangle but enriches our understanding by connecting us to our ancestoral lines. This is a deeply satisfying and, most of all, highly empowering connection for every human being.